Healthcare Basics

How to Save on Prescriptions

We’ve all been there, you go to fill a prescription from you doctor and when the pharmacist tells you how much you owe, your jaw drops. Our latest article will not only take some of the mystery out of why some prescriptions are more expensive than others, it will also give you some hints on how to save some money in the process.

5 Healthcare Tips for Summer

It’s officially summer and while we are spending as much time soaking up the rays (with sunscreen, of course) as possible, we are also making sure we are taking care of ourselves. Whether you’re traveling, staying home, or something in between, make sure you read our top five healthcare tips for summer!

How I Stood Up for My Financial and Health Needs

We talk a lot about being an advocate for yourself in healthcare, but what does that actually look like? One of our Healthcare Hustlers had to stand up for her patient needs at a recent dental visit — read her story to hear how she did it.

What Your Emergency Room Nurse Wants You to Know

Feared by many, the emergency room can be a scary place, especially when you have no idea what it going on! That’s why we called in a professional ER nurse to walk us through the steps of what to expect when you have no other choice, but to go to the emergency room.