How to Find a Good Doctor?

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There is nothing worse than paying a ton of money every month for healthcare insurance PLUS paying your copay/deductible, only to see a rude/condescending/awful doctor. Luckily, The Healthcare Hustlers have some insider tips on how to find the best ones.

To keep the prices low and the benefits high, start by pulling up the list of in-network doctors on your insurance provider’s website search.

  1. Check out our cheatsheet for finding in-network providers.

  2. You will see a TON of options. Use the filters to narrow your list. We recommend the following:

    • Zip code/radius: Geography matters. Start with a limited search within a reasonable distance from your home/work.

    • Specialty: No point looking at list of ophthalmologists when you need to get your lady parts checked.

    • Gender: Only if it matters to you.

  3. If your list is still unbearably long, turn on the following filters:

Note: You’ll see below that we recommend manually checking for these either way, since insurance provider directories are not terribly accurate.

  • Board Certified: Yes

  • Accepts New Patients: Yes (unless your list is getting short at this point)

Now that you have a shorter list, pick a few and do the following:

  1. Check their patient reviews (take them with a grain of salt). We recommend:

    1. Healthgrades

    2. Zocdoc

    3. RateMDs

    4. Yelp

    5. Google

    6. Vitals

  2. Check their license. Nearly every state has an online license search which you can find by googling some variation of “State Name Doctor License Verification” and following the link. This is where you can see if there have been formal complaints, if they performed surgery on the wrong side of the body, etc.

  3. Call the office and ask about the following:

    • Is Dr. X accepting new patients at {address listed on the insurance site}?

      • Note: Many doctors see patients at several locations, which you can usually find listed by clicking on “additional locations” under their name on the insurance list. Make sure the specific location you call confirms their “in-network status” at that address.

    • Is Dr. X  in-network with my insurance?

    • How far out is Dr. X booking for x service?

  4. Added Bonus: Check to see if they are ABMS board certified by using this link.