Finding Doctors

How to Make the Most of Your Doctor Appointments and Be a Better Patient

Ever heard the saying, “you get more flies with honey,” well the same applies to being a good patient. We spoke to a Division Administrator of a hospital to learn how we can make the most out of our healthcare visits!

Inexpensive Surgery: How I Saved $4,000 on an Outpatient Surgery with Two Hours of Research

Learn how to save tons (we are talking tons people) of money on surgery. All you need to do is a couple hours homework, it might not be as fun as watching two hours of Netflix, but we promise it will be totally worth it. Check out our latest post now!

Bad or No Insurance: Get Free or Low-Cost Healthcare, Prescriptions, and Medical Equipment

Uninsured or just looking for low-cost healthcare? The Healthcare Hustlers have your back! We compiled a list of ways to access low-cost/free healthcare for those with or without insurance.

Understanding the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and Checking Hospital Bills for Mistakes

Anyone else guilty of receiving their doctor’s bill and paying it without ever reading it? Yeah, we’ve been there too. The Healthcare Hustlers want you to know why reading your bill is actually really important and can end up saving you $$$.