Who Are Your hustlers?


We are college friends with a shared passion for healthy living, disruptive technology, and saving money. What started out as long phone calls about choosing the best health insurance plan, disputing high medical bills, and trying to find in-network doctors, turned into even longer conversations about new companies and ideas that are pushing the envelope of traditional healthcare delivery.

We are passionate (some may even say obsessed) about getting the most out of our current healthcare insurance plans. We have since turned this passion into a way to help everyone gain access to the best healthcare options available, whether that means finding it through traditional healthcare, a new tech startup, or something in between.

Bryanna studied public health in the US and abroad throughout college. Upon graduation, she worked at a healthcare startup that specialized in helping employees become effective healthcare consumers. She spent countless hours on the phone with insurance companies, doctor's offices, and everyday people to help them find care, ensure proper claims submission, and teaching them how to navigate healthcare on high deductible plans. From there, she moved into the world of healthcare technology, working to bring healthcare operations into 2019. She travels around the country implementing innovative healthcare technology in doctor's offices and hospitals. In her free time she is pursuing her Masters in Healthcare Administration at UNC Chapel Hill

Kirsten studied journalism and advertising at UNC Chapel Hill where her initial interest in healthcare was sparked through friends and classes. After working for a couple of years in the US, she did a marketing fellowship in Germany where she was introduced to a different type of healthcare system. Upon her return to the US, Kirsten dealt with several costly medical issues. These issues, coupled with her healthcare experience in Germany, reignited her passion for healthcare. She has now made it her mission to the learn about the most effective and cost-saving ways to manage healthcare. It is her goal to use her passion for healthcare, marketing, and design to make the complex US healthcare system easier to understand and navigate for those not directly involved in the healthcare industry.

While we aren't doctors or insurance representatives (but seriously, read our disclaimer), we do know a lot about how to navigate the tricky and oftentimes infuriating roads of the US healthcare industry, and we are sharing every (useful) disruptive healthcare company we can find. We hope our passion and expertise inspire you to make the most of your healthcare. Don’t be afraid to hit us up with any ideas or tips that we can share!