How to Find an In-Network Provider

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  1. Go to your insurance provider’s website or app and LOG IN.

  • Logging in will choose the right sub-network. If you accidentally chose the wrong sub-network, you might still end up mistakenly going out-of-network provider.

  • For example, Dr. A might be in network with BCBS Blue Choice(SM), but out of network with Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Essentials Access(SM). Oops.


2. Click “Find a Provider”


3. Call the provider and ask “Are you in-network with [Insurance Company Name + Subnetwork Name]

  • Ex. Are you in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Blue Choice (SM)?

    • Answer 1: Yes.

      • Next Step: Great, I’d like to make an appointment.

    • Answer 2: No

      • Call a different provider

    • Answer 3: I’m not sure//No but we will only charge you the in-network rate

      • Call a different provider

    • Answer 4: Probably, we take all insurances

      • Ask to speak to the billing office or office manager to confirm if they are in-network with your plan and subplan. If you get confirmation, book the appointment.


4. Use the money you saved to treat yo self!